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Hold/Pause/Resume Policies
If your account is placed on-hold with the adequate notice mentioned below, you will NOT receive meal delivery. Holds appear to us that you are unavailable to receive delivery. You will still receive all meals that you have paid for when the account is active again. Any late notifications to place your account on hold or cancellation will not go into effect until the following week, as those meals have already been accounted for and cooked.

If you will not be available to receive deliveries please place a hold on the account yourself under the subscription tab of your account or call customer service to have them place a hold on the account. Additionally, the same is true if you would like to reactivate your account, we will need 48 hours in advance to reactive the delivery service for you.

Delivery Schedule:
If a delivery is attempted and we are unable to gain access to the facility or community and we have multiple attempts to contact you or if you have provided us with an incorrect address, we will not issue a refund or replace those meals. Please be sure to provide us with security codes, gate codes and special instructions if you have not already done so. REMEMBER: Delivery time is every Sunday, and Wednesday between the hours of 7pm-11pm

We cannot make special arrangements for a specific delivery time.

If you live in a gated community, please make sure your guard gate, receptionist/doorman, or security guard is aware that Fatty Affair Meals will be delivering to you two times per week, to avoid having any interruptions during the middle of the night. Special delivery instructions or shipping address can be added to the order during checkout or you can call customer service to add notes to your order if you require special instructions that would be useful to our drivers.

Order Issues or Discrepancies:
If you have an issue or discrepancy with your order (i.e. did not receive order, missing/incorrect items, etc.) please contact us the same day of your delivery, so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner. You may contact us via email (chef@fattyaffairmeals.com) or phone call (305) 985-3489. If you do not contact us within a reasonable time frame your scheduled delivery date, unfortunately, we will not be able to correct the issue, credit or refund the account.

All accounts are automatically billed to your credit or debit card every Wednesday  after the original order for the upcoming week of service based on the billing frequency.
Recurring Billing:
All our meal plan programs: weekly recurring billing. Your credit card or debit card will be charged accordingly. Opt out or cancellation request can be made through the customer service billing portal or must be sent as written notification via email 24 hours prior to the next bill date.

Changes, Freezes, and Cancellation to Your Account:
If you wish to make any changes to your meal plan, place a service freeze, or cancel your account, you must do so by no later than 24 hours prior to your next bill date. After this deadline has passed, the next payment and
delivery is considered confirmed. Any changes made after that will become effective the following week. It is the member’s responsibility to give us a 24 hour notice prior to the next bill date. You will receive food as normal until your program is up.

Food Allergies & Food Related Medical Conditions and Dislikes:
If you have any life-threatening food allergies or medical conditions that are food related, we strongly recommend you notify us or consider discontinued service immediately. Fatty Affair Inc will not assume any liability for adverse
reactions to foods consumed. We do our best to avoid foods listed on your dislikes list; however, since we do not do personalized meals we cannot guarantee that we will be able to avoid all dislikes all the time and do not issue credits or refunds for foods received on the dislike list.

Refund Policy:
All charges are non-refundable. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions because of the advanced planning necessary for meal production and delivery scheduling. Once your payment has been processed, there are no refunds or credits. As a Fatty Affair member, you are responsible for providing adequate notice for all account updates including, meal plans, billing information, account holds, cancellations, allergies, or substitutions.